Saturday, March 2, 2019

IWISTAO Discrete Components FM Radio Board Stereo LA3401 Decoding DC12V

Will you like a discrete components FM Radio with warm sound? There is the board for you.

The receiving part adopts the discrete component split frequency tuning head as a HF receiving unit. The PCBA adopts double balanced proportional discriminator with excellent sound quality, and also optimizes its layout of the intermediate frequency circuit PCB, improves the stability of the intermediate frequency. And it uses a LA3401 decoding chip as FM stereo decoder, whose resolution is up to 70dB,its noise ratio is up to 95 dB. At the same time, a first-stage FM mixed signal preamplifier is added, which improve the problem that the LA3401 standard circuit cannot be driven in weak signal, so that each radio station can achieve good mediation resolution. After then, the LA3401 has no decoding noise and is comparable to the LA3450 chip.

This is a stereo FM radio finished board with discrete components. You only connect DC12V power adapter and speakers then you can enjoy wonderful FM radio. Or, you may make a wooden casing and DIY it as a vintage radio.

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