Thursday, November 29, 2018

Another option for music playing -- HIFI Digital Player Turntable

Another option for music playing -- HIFI  Digital Player Turntable 

Except CD player, you have another option for music playing. That is, a HIFI  Digital Player Turntable, you can storage those songs with  MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE format to USB disk or SD card which can  storage high volume songs. It is a turntable when it plays.

HIFI Digital Player Turntable Hardware Decoding ESS Main Chip AK4495 Supports WAV APE FLAC MP3 Support 192K/24BIT Black from IWISTAO HIFI MINIMART2 on Vimeo.
This digital player adopted the latest ESS main chip by American, which is a hardware decoding for mastering digital turntable player. Supports WAV, APE, FLAC, MP3 format, its ultra-high speed core processing chip support to the 192K / 24BIT mastering format, analytical, detail restoring ability is excellent, relaxed nature, rich overtone, better than PCHIFI, its advantage of outputs are better than pure CD output. Its sound pure and details is better than similar products.

For AK4495 have decoding output, there isn’t an external decoder. which is dynamic sound, broad field, excellent extending. Also AK4495 adopted 7.5V power supply firstly with the highest voltage power supply, in order to break through dynamic limitations of traditional 5V power output for DAC. Meanwhile AK4495 also has five kinds of optional built-in digital interpolation filter. As you know, it is very important to a HIFI device that power supply. It uses LM2941 ultra-precision regulator device, it has a much lower noise performance than conventional LM317, LM7805 and other three-terminal regulator. Also, uses oxygen-free copper 50W R-type transformer for power supply, low magnetic leakage, low noise, so that background noise better player

Built-in JRC-end op amps MUS8820, full tone, voice very smooth with a tube taste, for better than OPA2604, LME4972 and others. MUSES8820 is an op amp with second circuit and J-FET input form, which is to be applied and developed for more "real voice" equipment and sound products.

It supports audio formats as below, a) WAV: 192K / 24BIT; b) APE: 96K / 24BIT; c) FLAC: 192K / 24BIT; d) MP3: 44-48K / 16BIT (MP3 is the absence of 192K / 24BIT format)

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