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Shigeru Wada Tube Preamplifier Output Quality Sound

Shigeru Wada Tube Preamplifier Output Quality Sound

Tube preamplifier is used as tone processing amplifier between sound sources and power amplifier, so it is so-called, preamplifier output quality sound, power amplifier stage output power, which indicate that a quality preamplifier plays a key role in the entire audio amplifier system. Therefore, it is very important that the sound system choice preamplifier. Tube preamplifier has its special tube soft and warm sound, its listening sense has been ranked the first reputation and praise in all preamplifier, it can be applied to tube power amplifier, transistors one, and active sound system, especially for transistor amplifier, it can make the exists boring, blunt digital taste of your original system becomes rounded, sweet, tube taste is very rich; When listening to human voice, especially for the song folk song female voice, the sound is very warm, very sweet.

Shigeru Wada Tube Preamplifier

I bought CD player that is earlier 16bit models a decade ago, for adding musical charm to the sharp and dry digital sound to improve listening sense, but also because the tube is easier to produce pre-production and high rate of return for many years also try to produce a variety of line sound effects of a variety of tube pre-level, such as Shigeru Wada and Marantz.

The two circuits of preamplifier are more familiar and well-known. Through several repeated proofing tests and contrasts, found Shigeru Wada look is extremely good from performance and sound quality. It is to keep Marantz7 mellow and rich flavor of the characteristics of music, while dynamic, transient, high and low frequency response, analysis of signal-to-noise ratio better than Marantz 7, and Keep pace with each other in the sound field, penetrating sense with Marantz7 . In fact, this is only analysis from Shigeru Wada’s circuit, it is not difficult to find that its preamplifier is made of a very good stability by high-gain double three-tube, composed of two stages voltage amplification, only one tube has 10 times signal amplification capability with a very high sensitivity.

Shigeru Wada Tube Preamplifier with Black Chassis

And its power stage is also known by most of audiophiles, a very superior performance double tube 12AU7 composed of the radio level follower which using SRPP cathode output follower circuit that is similar with SRPP, it is different with the ordinary voltage amplifier stage, it does not have the voltage gain, the role is only current amplification and to reduce the output impedance, so that the load capacity is much larger than the co-screen pole follower, whether in high frequency response or signal to noise ratio. Compared with Marantz 7, it greatly improve low-frequency response, signal-to-noise ratio is also improved in varying degrees, in terms of sound performance is more balanced and comprehensive. So the design of Shigeru Wada preamplifier is very reasonable, both a very high sensitivity, but also a very good carrying capacity, no matter what kind of power stage is more flexible, play most vividly.

Who is familiar with Shigeru Wada are known, characterized by prominent human voice, better midrange. It is appropriate to even harmonic distortion when tube working, which will not worsen listening sense, on the contrary increase the sound of beauty, make the sound be more smooth, some details will be more prominent like to do a certain optimization, especially when playing human voice, there will be some feelings of rich taste out, tube taste is very strong. It will not only play in human voice will give charm, but also playing some pieces of music, such as some indoor recording of the violin, saxophone, jazz and other music, will also have a unique style.


1.       Circuit used Shigeru Wada improved field circuit of the original version; excellent PCB circuit design, reasonable, regular, symmetrical device layout, and strictly follow the rule of single point grounding line.
2.       Whole aluminum chassis especially made for Shigeru Wada with very fine black brushed oxidation, looks shiny, extraordinary taste.
3.       And it used whole aluminum solid sand drying high-end knobs. the plate thickness of body is all 2.8mm, panel thickness is 8mm with high precision milling machine finishing, and tube seats positioning accuracy, holes-cut is smooth and sleek.
4.       Power transformer is up to 120W (EI8642 / H50 film) with a horizontal cover, and the primary and second windings of transformer are shielded strictly. Left and right channel of filament voltage has been supplied by independent winding respectively; completely eliminate mutual crosstalk, good power transformer output good sound.

Product specifications

1.       Input sensitivity : 200mv
2.       Output voltage: 2V (RMS THD <0.03%)
3.       Signal to noise ratio :> 95dB
4.       Frequency response : 10Hz-50KHz (-0.5dB)
5.       Input impedance: 250K ohms
6.       Output impedance: 150Kohm
7.       Input voltage: AC 110V or 220V/50~60Hz
8.       Whole power consumption: < 50W
9.       Dimension(W*D*H) 360mm * 190mm * 140mm
10.   Net Weight: 4.5Kg
11.   Tubes: 12AX7 * 2; 12AU7 * 2 ; 6Z4 * 2.
12.   Accessories:

Power cord x 1

More details, please visit,

Tube Preamplifier Pure with Shigeru Wada Circuit Tube 12AX7 12AU7 6Z4 Rectifier Whole Aluminum Chassis HIFI Audio 110V/220V

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