Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Bluetooth 4.2 Decoder with CSR64215 Plus ES9023 Hardware Decoding

A Bluetooth 4.2 Decoder with CSR64215 Plus ES9023 Hardware Decoding

After the Bluetooth decode with CSR8670 plus AK4490 DAC is launched, we would develop a similar one that is used CSR64215 plus ES9023, which is a smaller and compact, also is high cost effective. 

A Bluetooth 4.1 Decoder with CSR64215 Plus ES9023

It used Bluetooth 4.2 CSR64215 chip and DAC ES9023 chip, the previous implemented digital signal transmission thought wireless function, and support SBC, A2DPB, AVRCP, AAC, APT-X ( need your Bluetooth enabled devices support Apt-x also if adopt apt-x transmission) , the digital to analog conversion of audio output used a professional decoder chip ES9023 to play that the digital signal is decoded into an analog audio signal.

Bluetooth 4.2 Decoder's PCBAwith CSR64215 Plus ES9023

As you know, ES9023 is ESS's single-ended output DAC chip, but also  is very unique, simple one of their SABRE DAC series, is recognized the easist to sound good decoding chip. In the 3.6V power supply under our actual test, its output can be greater than 2Vrms, and no coupling capacitor structure, you will have to worry about looking for expensive coupling capacitors no longer , and do not need to worry about the capacitor to bring the audio distortion usually. In addition, we use 32ohm headphones to do actual test it can also be found very good drive, but the output will be slightly reduced. And for the connection with power amplifier, headphone amplifier and other circuits, it is just a piece of cake.

ES9023 uses the industry's advanced SABRE digital-to-analog conversion technology, this chip set the best sound quality, cost-effective in one, making it an ideal choice for digital-analog conversion. It also can be used in Blu-ray players, CD / DVD, HD set-top boxes, digital TV or audio receiving equipment and other products.ES9023 internal use of patented technology Hyper-flow (Hyperstream) architecture and time-domain jitter elimination technology, so that it can achieve jitter-free recording level of sound quality, dynamic range of 112dB.

You may use it refresh your power amplifier or upgrade it to get CD level quality sound with wireless way, a lot of audiphiles had enjoyed it...


  1. Whole aluminum alloy casing.
  2. Built-16M memory within CSR64215 chip
  3. Adopted HIFI parts and components.
  4. Adopted imported original ST regulator, and digital power supply used independent of the LM1117 3.3 V regulator.
  5. Adopted independent hardware decoding ES9023 decoder chip
  6. Built power and signal indication on the front panel.
  7. Adopted independent external Bluetooth antenna with high sensitivit
  8. Signal flow: Bluetooth signal --- Bluetooth receiver module - digital shaping chip --- ES9023 decoder chip - output

More details, please visit,

IWISTAO HIFI Bluetooth 4.2 Decoder Stereo CSR64215 DAC ES9023 Hardware Decoding APT-X 3.5mm RCA Output CD Level Quality Sound


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