Thursday, September 17, 2015

IWISTAO Tube FM Tuner Radio FM Super-regenerative Handmade Nostalgia Radio 6J1 + FU-25 (or 1625) AC12 Power

Tube FM Radio

IWISTAO Tube FM Radio FM Super-regenerative Handmade Nostalgia Radio 6J1 + FU-25 (or 1625) AC12 Power 

In fact, just a nostalgic mood! When you put the tube FM radio on the desk and savor it, or when you put the headphones into it, turn tuning knob to listen, it seems to have returned to the old days of childhood, everything becomes more and more comfortable at the moment, at this moment, broadcast content has become less important, it is important that but it is one with the thoughts that fly mood. . . . . .

This tube radio has two tubes, which adopt super-regenerative mode to receive FM radio signals. Has high sensitivity, Either high impedance headphones with nostalgia, but also through the line output jack. You may connect it to amplifier and computer sound card to access the playback, that expand the scope of application of the radio.

Note: the tube FM radio adopted an ancient technique and don't have high sensitivity of IC FM radio, please do not compare with modern digital radio technology.


There are some features as below

1.    First single-supply low voltage input just used an exchange of AC 12V / 1A transformer, which can solve the issue for tube power supply that has always been complex, multi-group voltage power transformers.
2.    Particularly mentioning, this radio adopt a special technology to solve the human body during induction tuning, making this troubled super-regenerative FM radio body sensors has basically ceased to exist.
3.    This radio station is unique tone; tuning knobs need to meet adjusting the screen voltage knob together, so that sound is on the best status.
4.    More convenient, eliminating the need to set up more difficult antenna ground, just a 1 meter wire only, you can get perfect reception of FM signal.


Modified by audiophile

Added a transformer and a speaker from headphone output terminals, instead of 2000 ohms old style headphone, good jobs!

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