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SHENZHEN WISTAOTECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd., was founded in 2008, which is specialized in the Researchand Development, Manufacturing, Sales of consumer electronics products like ascombination of Bluetooth Appliances and HIFI Acoustics Appliances, and ComputerPeripheral Accessories products. Our main product lines are: Portable BluetoothWireless Speaker Series ,HIFI Bluetooth Desktop Speaker Series, BluetoothVacuum Tube Speaker System, HIFI Bluetooth Earphone Series, Car-Kit BluetoothAppliance, Portable Speaker Series, Bluetooth Module Series, Bluetooth Solutionand Electronic Connectors, etc.

It is connected withsmart phone, tablet PC, and Laptop via Bluetooth that those Bluetooth productslike as mentioned above, and make users free from connecting cable and userscan move those appliances anywhere without the cable. The application for theabove products is compliance with Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR specification or Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 sepecification and compatible of Bluetooth version 1.1,1.2&2.0 specification0 at same time,and EDR technology that improve the data transmission speed via A2DP(AdvanceAudio Distribution Profile) technology at quality of 16 bits/44.1 KHZ(CD tone)to transfer the audio signal, make users enjoy the wonderful HIFI music; On theother hand, the products include an internal high sensitive microphone and echoerasing circuit (CVC) to support HFP(Hands-Free Profile, free-hand telephone),it lets users pick up a phone call free-hand once there’s incoming call duringenjoying the music. And, it prevents from radiation of mobile phone andaffecting hearing by Hands-Free function during pick-up a call.

Meanwhile, we alsoprovide a package solution service from Bluetooth audio solution to Bluetooth application,and the customized solution with all our heart.

Our company set upthose departments such as Marketing Development, R&D,SCM,QE and PE, etc. tosupport our business development

Our products are hotsale in the consumers’ market with high praise, and we have built a long termcooperation relationship with key retailers and agents. We have full range ofproducts like Consumer Electronics Appliance, Computer Peripheral Accessories,and Electronic Components in reasonable price.We win and maintain customers trust in quality, trust, technical support and best service.

Our vision:Convenient Life with Wireless.

Our mission: Providethe hearing enjoy and appliances to customers with short distance wireless& mobile HIFI music

Our Values: Trust atBusiness, Customers First, Result-oriental, and Team Work.
Contact Information:

Address: Room 2105, Building No. 126, Guowei Industrial,Gouwei Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, PRC.
Contact Person: Mr. Vincent Zhang
Job Title: Business Development Manager
Telephone: (086) 755 86064703 -608
Email Address:
Skype: wistaotech

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