Wednesday, January 6, 2021

IWISTAO Long 4 inch Supper Tweeter Copper Horn Brass Horns Neodymium Copper Film

 IWISTAO Long 4 inch Supper Tweeter 1 Pair Copper Horn Brass horns Neodymium Copper Film 6Ω 30W 625HZ-40kHz

This super tweeter is made of brass integrated stretching for musical instruments. The curve of horn is a natural and smooth parabola with a horn design and good sound field positioning. The driver unit uses a 70mm diameter neodymium copper film one with a copper short-circuit ring, a high-permeability liquid, and an ultra-lightweight 40mm diaphragm made of beryllium copper to ensure that vibration quality is lighter and more air can be pushed at the same time. Makes the music spiritual and the details more real.

The drive is a powerful magnetic circuit composed of 8 rare earth neodymium magnets. There is a 0.15mm copper short-circuit ring at the T iron position, which can obviously eliminate the influence of the voice coil inductive reactance and suppress the increase of the voice coil inductive reactance with frequency. Improve high-frequency radiation and reduce distortion.

The voice coil is filled with a cooled and highly permeable imported magnetic fluid with damping and positioning effects. Magneto-fluid has a great influence on the audio curve. It not only cools the voice coil, but also has sealing performance. A good magneto-fluid plays a decisive role in smooth sound at high frequencies. The ring reciprocates in the magneto-fluid, and the magneto-fluid plays the role of automatic centering, which greatly changes the internal resistance of the horn, especially the air sensation of the sound, and the burr sensation of the speaker without the magneto-fluid is obvious in comparison.

This version is that Crystal binding post is fixed if you don't need connect it to a professional crossover. You can use this one connect with your full range or bass speaker directly in parallel.


IWISTAO 4 inch long horn

IWISTAO 4 inch long horn 1

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