Saturday, November 21, 2020

Love in Berlin from IWISTAO Pure Class A Mono Power FET Amplifier PassA30

It is a pure class A mono power amplifier, which is a very high degree of completion HIFI amplifier, its sound is silky smoothness, also it is too appealing when you listen to the sound of strings and human voice with the unit, and this is definitely a warm sound amplifier, but unlike a little dim sound of tube amp, its sound is warm and detailed, while low dive control and damping is also very perfect.

As its 30W output power at 30 square meters or below space, both with book shelf speakers or floor speakers, it will have a good performance. Remarkably, its signal to noise ratio control very well, you will hardly hear a little noise when you put your ear to the speaker at deep night, although its power is increased to 30W, but the circuit design more rational, so it is still have higher SNR.

More details, you may fine here

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