Thursday, September 26, 2019

IWISTAO Finished Tube FM Stereo Tuner Stainless Steel Chassis

WISTAO Finished Tube FM Stereo Tuner Stainless Steel Chassis Black Aluminum Panel HIFI Audio 110V/220V

This unit is a typical superheterodyne radio. It adopts a whole circuit board design that include high frequency receiving, intermediate frequency amplification, limiting, frequency discrimination, stereo decoding, preamplification, etc. The output is stereo signal. It can be connected with various types of tube power amplifiers, active speakers, stereo equalization amplifiers and other equipments.

The specific circuit configuration is as below, high frequency receiving adopts double triode 6N3 for high frequency amplification and mixer amplification, and double triode 6N1 for local oscillation. The IF amplification uses a two-stage pentode 6K4, two-stage limiting, and a pentode 6J4. Phase frequency discrimination, stereo decoding uses TA7343, the decoded audio signal is switched to the double triode 6N2, and then the signal output to preamplification with a 5 times gain.

It is made of stainless steel chassis with black, and the front panel with 8mm thick aluminum plate. On the front panel, there are dual level meters to display audio signal level, and the digital frequency meter display FM reception frequency. Electronic tube with a modern digital frequency meter that is complementing each other with nice, classical and elegant style, maybe the frequency display board of the wireless receiver is the designer's wisdom. The right corner of the unit has a knob to manually tune the radio. All tubes are exposed at the top plate for heat dissipation purpose, and equipped with cat eye indicator behind the front panel. The whole structure of the tuner is compact, components layout had been optimized to be more reasonable.

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