Saturday, July 28, 2018

Advantages of O Type Power Transformer

 Advantages of O Type Power Transformer

Generally, the sound of toroidal transformer is good, large dynamic, less magnetic leakage, more quiet, and low temperature. R type transformer’s voice is warm, low internal resistance, excellent high frequency extension and also the subtle state is very good.

O-type transformer, combined with the advantages of R-type transformer and toroidal one. A completely non-cutting core made of high-flux silicon steel strip, O type transformer is made of this round-section iron core has a small volume and good electrical performance, and is an ideal transformer. The O-shaped and the ring-shaped transformer are completely different. The ring-shaped transformer is made of steel strips. The O type transfomer is a one-piece iron core. In terms of efficiency and magnetic flux leakage, the O-type has an inherent advantage. As actual listening, its performance is very accurate in high frequency characteristics, transient, and detailed.

Compared with toroidal transformer, O type transformer has the following advantages:
a. The average length of the coil is reduced by 11.4%-30%;
b. The coil has no folding angle, which makes the magnetic field distribution more uniform. For Structural features, the core has no fracture, the section is approximately circular and like as an oblate structure, also its height is short and diameter is larger with more uniform structure, so that its leakage magnetic is smaller.

Compared with the R-type transformer, its coil is not limited by the skeleton, and is tightly attached to the core, which is better coupled and more efficient. O-type transformer’s sound quality at sweet and warm aspect has a significant difference in actual comparison with the other transformers.

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